URB THC-A Live Sugar Gummies 5000mg


Discover URB THC-A Live Sugar Gummies, blending gourmet flavors with premium cannabinoids for a profound experience. Infused with THCA, THCP, D8, and D9, these gummies replicate the potency and essence of URB’s THCA Live Sugar in a delightful edible form. Each gummy contains 200MG, with a total of 5000mg per container, offering a vibrant taste and robust effects from carefully flash-frozen hemp extracts. Enjoy a diverse palette of flavors, all rigorously lab-tested for quality assurance.

Discover URB THC-A Live Sugar Gummies Flavors

  • Sour Blueberry
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Tangie Banana
  • Guava Gelato
  • Papaya Punch
  • Watermelon Sangria

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