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X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set (Choose Terpenes)

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This vape kit has 750 milligrams of CBD. Cartridges fit 510-threaded devices. There are 19 different flavor options. This is amongst the most potent and well-liked full-spectrum CBD vape kits available.

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CBD FTP X2 Uncut Vape Kit With Battery and Charger

CBD For The People (FTP) has released a new, stronger vape kit that will leave you feeling satiated and revitalized. With 1000 mg @ 75% CBD (750 mg) per full gram or 500 mg @ 75% (375 mg) for a half gram, FTP X2 is one of the most powerful on the market. This behemoth is ready to vape straight out of the box, with 2X the strength of their world-famous 1000mg @ 30% cartridge! FTP X2 now offers a fresh new range of EXCLUSIVE terpene blends, each one more delectable than the last. The cartridges are 510 threaded, making them compatible with any vape pen, and they come in 19 different flavors.

The 510-thread compatible battery is specifically designed for use with FTP cartridges and has a variable voltage setting. It also features a preheat function that allows you to set the vapor production at any point in time during your vaping experience. The kit includes both a battery and a charger.

A Wide Range of Terpene Flavors

  • White Fire OG (Hybrid): A sweet, earthy pine with a spicy aftertaste characterizes this strain. Its energetic yet soothing effects are ideal for relief during the day.
  • White Widow (Hybrid): White Widow is a Hybrid strain that is recognized for being euphoric and long-lasting. Earthy and woody, with undertones of lemon or pine, is how most people describe the flavor.
  • Blue Dream (Hybrid): Blue Dream offers uplifting, invigorating cerebral effects without being too intense or distracting. It has a blueberry flavor with a tinge of lemon peel.
  • Granddaddy Purple (Indica): This indica-dominant strain provides balanced mind and body relaxation, making it ideal for both mental and physical ease. Many people have characterized the flavor characteristics as “sweet grapes.”
  • OG Kush (Hybrid): OG Kush is a powerful hybrid with a coffee and berry flavor profile.
  • Pineapple Express (Sativa): Named after the luscious, tropical fruit, Pineapple Express is one of the sweetest strains available. Because of its energizing and uplifting properties, it’s a popular afternoon strain.
  • Super Lemon Haze (Sativa): Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet, tangy flavor and hints of lemon peel.
  • Orange Cookies (Hybrid): This strain is recognized for its zesty aroma, which has a tinge of cookie and smells like orange peel.
  • Strawnana (Hybrid): This strain is recognized for its strawberry banana flavor, which is reminiscent of raw or baked sugar cane.
  • Blue Cheddar (Hybrid): Blue Cheddar gets its name from the cheese-like aroma with undertones of blueberries. It’s ideal for individuals who want to unwind while continuing to participate in their favorite activities. Blue Cheese is energizing and stimulating, leaving you feeling ecstatic and content.
  • Candy Cane (Indica): This strain has a tangy fruity flavor that relaxes users without making them sleepy.
  • Dark Silk (Indica): Dark Silk is an indica strain with earthy undertones and blueberry flavor. It’s known for being both physically and emotionally calming, making it ideal for winding down after a long day or unwinding before night.
  • Double Apple (Hybrid): Double Apple has a flavor that is a cross between crisp green apples and sweet, earthy hemp. It’s popular for its relaxing benefits.
  • Durban Sour (Sativa): This sativa-dominant hybrid is well-known for its stimulating and mood-enhancing properties. It has a pine, berry, and spice flavor to it.
  • Green Cush (Sativa): This sativa-dominant hybrid is believed to give you a burst of energy and has a citrus and pine fragrance.
  • Juicy Fruit (Indica): This citrus-flavored strain is ideal for those looking for something exotic but not too overwhelming, thanks to its sweet pineapple flavor.
  • Sweet Guava (Sativa): This strain’s tropical fruit flavor and scent are ideal for bringing a taste of Hawaii into your mouth. This sativa-dominant hybrid is for you if you want to feel joyful and relaxed.
  • Watermelon (Indica): This indica strain has a mild flavor with melon notes and a hint of spice. It enhances one’s feeling of well-being.
  • Raw (No Terpenes): For purists who want to avoid hot flavors, this is a terpene-free choice.

One of the most powerful full-spectrum CBD vapes on the market is the FTP X2 UNCUT Vape Kit. It’s a game-changer with all new EXCLUSIVE terpene combinations to pick from and 1000mg of pure, organic CBD at 75% per cartridge!

Product Ingredients

100% UNCUT, non-GMO, cannabinoid-rich, winterized, hemp-legal aerial cannabis extract. Full spectrum cannabinoid profile and natural terpenoids.


CBD For the People

About CBD for the People

When it comes to choosing a CBD company that could be worth your money, taking a closer look into the manufacturing process is crucial. CBD FOR THE PEOPLE produces some of the most high-quality hemp on the market. Just look at how they develop their formulations. They’re driven by engineering top-notch full-spectrum products. All without compromising accessibility and affordability. Certified non-GMO and organic with Co2 extraction methods, along with testing 100% free of solvents and pesticides, is how it’s done.

Now, besides producing formulas with some of the best cannabinoid around, they also have a reputation for offering a wide range of unique products. Each is made with clean ingredients. From their enormous line of pre-filled cartridges to CBD flower options, they do it all.

Everyone deserves a lifestyle relaxed by CBD. So, CBD FOR THE PEOPLE is here to make that happen, and Pure CBD Now is stoked to stand with them. They check-off all the boxes of a premium brand without the premium price. They’re more concerned with making CBD available to anyone who wants it, and less concerned with the bottom line. That’s an ideology we can get behind.

If these guys ran for Congress, they’d get our vote.

X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set (Choose Terpenes)

Additional information

How many cartridges?

2 (Save $10), 4 (Save $40), 1


Blue Cheddar, Candy Cane, Dark Silk, Double Apple, Durban Sour, Green Cush, Juicy Fruit, Orange Cookies, Raw (No Terpenes), Strawnana, Sweet Guava, Water Melon, White Fire OG, White Widow, Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze

CBD mg

375mg, 750mg

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brian g.


I suffer from back **** since I’ve been using this product the **** is almost gone I can move a lot better

John R.

Back **** relief

I mostly use it at night to help me sleep. I suffer from cronic lower back **** and despite the procedures I suffer through they don't relieve the **** I experience at night. Uncut CBD helps me sleep soundly through the night. It's been a serious help to me.

A purecbdnow.com Customer
Neil C.

Hits the spot !

These really helped with my current symptoms and although it’s a super-strong throat hit being uncut, the flavors are amazing and natural. Definitely a must-have to unwind and get the body in the BEST state of relaxation. Thanks Pure CBD for supplying some incredible relief !

Melissa B.

Love my cbd vape pen

Absolutely love my cbd vape kit

Linda K.

So far, so good

The product could be a little smoother, other than that I would say it a good product so far.

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X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set (Choose Terpenes)
X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set (Choose Terpenes)
From: $49.99