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Looking to soothe your muscles or soreness? Try our CBD salves, creams and sprays on areas of concern topically or incorporate them into your massage routine. You can also use topical CBD products for your skin care regimen or use CBD essential oil rollers to help you drift off into peaceful slumber.

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Topical Thunder: Why are CBD Salves, CBD Rubs, CBD Salves, CBD Creams, CBD Sprays on the Rise?

If you haven’t given CBD topicals a try, then you might be missing out on the full potential of what hemp can do. CBD rubs and other topical formulas are quickly becoming a massive submarket. Plus, they’re very unique from other types of CBD products. They are intended to be administered directly to an affected area of the body.

Pure CBD Now carries a wide array of topical formulas that each have the potential to provide bliss in a unique way.

Using CBD Topically

So, what makes topical hemp different from other delivery methods?

Primarily, it’s the manner in which the CBD absorbs into the body. When we take an internal delivery method, like a capsule, a gummy or a dose of a tincture, the cannabinoids like CBD are getting distributed throughout the body. But, when we apply CBD directly to the skin, the absorption process is a bit different. Rather than dispersing throughout the body system, cannabidiol and other hemp compounds stay centralized to the area onto which the formula was applied.

The skin, muscles, and joints have their own cannabinoid receptors. So, applying a topical allows the CBD to bind with these specific receptors. What this means is that if you’re having an issue that’s more localized, topical application of hemp may be the way to go.

How CBD Topicals are Made

CBD topicals start with a hemp extract, which is simply a concentrate made by running the plant material through an extraction process to separate the compounds from the actual hemp buds. This extract is then combined with a multitude of ingredients to produce a formula that’s easy to apply to the skin, and beneficial. CBD rubs and other topicals can be made with a wide range of ingredients. In fact, most companies prefer all-natural, plant-based formulas. Topicals come in many milligram strengths, and many are scented with essential oils to make using them even more enjoyable.

It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of companies use additional plant-based active ingredients in their creams, salves and other topical formulas. Ingredients like arnica, white willow bark, lavender and menthol may all offer anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties that can help with aches and pains.

Types of CBD Rubs and Other Topicals

You’ll find that CBD rubs come in all different kinds of textures and consistencies. There’s no objective difference between them, meaning that, say, a cream is not more capable of providing relief than a salve. But, many people develop a preference to one type of formula because of how it feels against the skin. Let’s go over the most popular choices.


A salve is a waxy formula similar to a balm, which is made by infusing plant material into an oil, and adding beeswax and other ingredients to it. These products feel greasy on contact, but they absorb into the skin quickly.


Rich formulas that offer abundant moisture to the skin while sending cannabinoids deep beneath the surface. They absorb into the skin within minutes.


Can be a great option as well, as they are water-based which may increase the absorption of the CBD. They’re great for covering a larger area of the body.


Other types of formulas include gels, lotions and massage oils.

Choosing the Right Milligram Strength and Dosage Amount

A lot of people ask us what the right milligram strength and dosage level is right for them when it comes to topicals. The milligram strength is a highly subjective factor, so choose a higher one if you’re dealing with more severe issues. You can’t overdose on topical CBD.

As for the dosage amount, each product’s label should have a suggestion for daily use. But, ultimately, you should aim to apply an even, thin layer to the entire affected area.

How to Use CBD Rubs

Using CBD rubs is extremely simple. Simply scoop, pour or pump out the desired amount and massage it deeply into the skin until as much of the formula has absorbed as possible.

Many people start out using a CBD rub once each day. But, you can use your CBD topical more frequently than that if it’s needed. Typically, topicals take less than 30 minutes to peak, and they can stay active for up to 6 hours.

Intrigued Yet?

Everyone has a different way to describe their CBD experience, and you will too. Enlightenment can be felt in many ways… like a healthier feeling body and a calmer mood. At the end of that long day, a more relaxed body and mind is something we can all get behind.

Check out some of the amazing brands for CBD pain relief topical like Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, Americana Uncut, Swiss Relief and more we carry at Pure CBD Now!

Common FAQs

  • What Happens When You Apply CBD Topically?

    More and more people are using CBD topicals such as rubs, creams and sprays, because the compounds in hemp are very efficient when it comes to absorbing into muscle tissue via the layers of the skin.

  • Which is Better: CBD Rub, CBD Cream, or CBD Spray?

    Which type of product you go with is completely up to you, based on your unique preferences. No one type of product is stronger or more effective than the other.

  • Are There Other Ingredients in Topical CBD Products?

    CBD topicals can contain a wide variety of unique ingredients based on the product’s formula. For instance, creams may contain emulsifying ingredients, and many topicals contain plant extracts for additional relief.

  • Do CBD Rubs, Creams and Sprays Contain Other Hemp Compounds?

    CBD topicals that utilize broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp extract will contain other compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD isolate products contain only CBD as far as hemp compounds are concerned.

  • How Often Should I Apply a CBD Topical?

    There’s no limit to how often you should apply a CBD topical on a daily basis. This largely depends on your unique needs.

  • Are CBD Topicals Safe to Consume Orally?

    We do not recommend consuming CBD topicals orally.

  • How Long Do CBD Topicals Last?

    We suggest using a CBD topical within a year, as the ingredients may break down after twelve months have passed.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Milligram Strength?

    You should select your ideal milligram strength based on your unique situation and needs regarding CBD.

  • Are CBD Topicals Irritating?

    CBD topicals are not irritating by nature. However, some people are naturally sensitive to certain ingredients. Therefore, we suggest reading through the ingredients before selecting the right topical product for you.

  • Can I Use Two Topical Products at Once?

    You can use more than one CBD topical product at one time.

  • Can Pets Take CBD Like Humans?

    Research now shows us that cats and dogs and other mammals have endocannabinoid systems just like humans. Therefore, CBD is processed by their bodies in the same manner as ours.

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