What’s Best for Sleep? CBD, Kratom, or Delta-8?

We took a look at Delta-8, CBD, and Kratom to see which is the best for sleep!

There’s nothing worse than not getting enough sleep, so it makes sense people are curious about what’s the best for sleep, CBD, Kratom, or Delta 8 THC. The last thing you need is to not get enough sleep and then be tired, stressed, and irritable the next day. Not to mention that not getting enough sleep regularly can lead to various long-term health conditions.

Some conditions linked to a lack of sleep include hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, and even decreased brain function. However, using traditional pharmaceutical sleep medications often leaves you feeling washed out, tired, and drained of energy the next day. Not to mention they can also be highly addictive. So, what is the solution?

Luckily, there are natural alternatives that can help you get the healthy amount of sleep you need. Let’s check out which is the best for sleep, CBD, Kratom, or Delta 8! If you’re interested in buying CBD or Delta-8 online, you can shop our full range of CBD and other cannabinoid products here.

What Is CBD?

We know a lot about CBD thanks to scientists that have been studying it for decades. However, it was the 2018 US Farm Bill that really elevated the popularity of CBD. The Farm Bill made CBD legal at a federal level as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

One of the biggest reasons that many people report using CBD is for relaxation and to assist them in getting a better night’s sleep. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties and won’t get you high in any way. Instead, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which scientists believe is responsible for regulating several critical bodily functions, including sleep.

Pros and Cons of Using CBD for Sleep

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using CBD for sleep!

CBD Sleep Pros:

  • CBD is 100% natural.
  • CBD won’t get you high and has no psychoactive properties.
  • CBD won’t leave you feeling washed out, groggy, or sluggish after use.
  • Studies have shown that CBD can help you relax, which you need if you’re hoping to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • CBD is highly versatile, with various delivery methods, including smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals.

CBD Sleep Cons:

  • Largely unregulated, so always buy your CBD from reputable suppliers such as Pure CBD Now that back up their CBD products with quality guarantees.
  • It can take time for the effects of CBD to be felt, requiring you to take it consistently for up to 14 days before you’ll notice any immediate changes.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is an herbal extract that’s made from the leaves of the Evergreen Tree, and its two main psychoactive ingredients are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymytragynine. Wildly used in Southeast Asia as a stimulant, Kratom can be ingested in tea, or the leaves chewed directly. There are also some Kratom capsules available.

While there have been some clinical studies conducted on Kratom’s effects, more clinical trials are needed before we can make any medical claims about Kratom’s ability to help you sleep or relax.

Pros and Cons of Using Kratom for Sleep

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Kratom for sleep!

Kratom Sleep Pros:

  • Kratom is 100% natural.
  • Kratom can be a stimulant in small doses. Still, it also can be a sedative in high doses while also acting on the same receptors as opioids which could make it an alternative to opioid sleep relief.

Kratom Sleep Cons:

  • Kratom is almost totally unregulated, which makes sourcing reliable, high-quality Kratom products extremely difficult.
  • In small doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant which means to make it work as a sedative, you have to use a lot of it, and the side effects of using too much Kratom can be highly unpleasant.
  • We don’t know very much about the long-term effects, safety, or dosage of Kratom, and more clinical trials and research are needed before we can make any recommendations about the effectiveness of Kratom as a sleep aid.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

There are over 100 different cannabinoids found in hemp, and Delta-8 THC is considered to be a minor cannabinoid. Unlike THC or CBD, not a lot is known about Delta 8, but as the popularity of this minor continues to grow, we’re expecting to see more research being conducted.

Unlike CBD, Delta 8 does have psychoactive effects, similar to traditional THC, but it’s considered to be a different psychoactive high than traditional THC. However, anecdotal evidence from users suggests that it’s a smoother high without the anxiety and paranoia you may experience from potent THC.

Pros and Cons of Using Delta 8 for Sleep

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Delta 8 for sleep!

Delta 8 Sleep Pros:

  • Delta 8 is 100% natural and sourced from hemp.
  • Delta 8 doesn’t seem to induce the same amount of anxiety and paranoia as traditional Delta 9 THC.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that using Delta 8 will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, which could help you to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer.
  • Delta 8 is highly versatile, and there are various ways to take Delta 8, including vaping, smoking, edibles, and concentrates.

Delta 8 Sleep Cons:

  • We don’t know everything about the long-term effects of using Delta 8 regularly as it’s relatively new, and more studies are needed.
  • There’s an increased risk that Delta 8 could trigger a positive result on a drug test.
  • The dosage for Delta 8 can be tricky to determine when you first start using it.
  • The legal status of Delta 8 can vary from state to state, so check your local regulations.


There you go! Everything you wanted to know about what was best for sleep, CBD, Kratom, or Delta 8! If you have been searching for natural alternatives to traditional sleep medications, then perhaps one of these natural compounds may be perfect for you. However, while we know a lot about CBD, Kratom, and Delta 8, more clinical trials and studies are needed before we can make any medical claims about their effectiveness in helping you sleep.

You can shop our full range of CBD and Delta-8 products online here.

Thanks for reading about which is the best for sleep, CBD, Kratom, or Delta-8, and if you want to learn more about which cannabinoids are best for promoting better sleep, be sure to check out our other cannabis blogs. If you have any questions about any exciting new cannabinoids hitting the market, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help with any cannabis-related questions.

If you’re currently using any prescribed medication, always speak with your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any cannabinoid products. It can potentially interfere with how your body processes certain prescription medications.

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