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iDELTA – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g (Choose Strain)

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iDELTA8 – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g comes in three different strains:

  • Mango Meteor (Sativa)
  • Moon Cookies (Hybrid)
  • OG Purple Alien (Indica)

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Mango Meteor (Sativa)

We’ve done all of our farming hydroponically off-world since our dreadful Fruit Wars – much less tasty than it sounds – and the rich minerals of passing asteroids provide for the most luscious tropical fruits. This deliciousness has been channeled into a wonderful D10 Sativa strain, which comes in huge 1.25-gram pre-rolled joints for your enjoyment.

Pro tip: Mangoes are high in myrcene, one of the most common terpenes present in cannabis, and it’s been suggested that eating a mango before using another myrcene source can create a compounding synergistic effect. Please report back with your findings if you try this experiment.

Moon Cookies (Hybrid)

On our planet, all younglings (regardless of reproductive organ configuration) are compelled to join Moon Scouts, where they aggressively sell Moon Cookies to raise money for various nefarious purposes during each solar cycle. Because these cookies have extraordinarily intense psychotropic effects and are highly addicting – after all, Moon Scouts are notoriously ruthless, and they always collect their money – we’ve toned down the effects while keeping some of the exquisite flavour. This delicious combination is ideal for bringing along on an afternoon picnic, and at 1.25 grams per pre-roll, you can easily split it with two or three friends.

OG Purple Alien (Indica)

Despite what its name suggests, this pre-roll contains 1.25 grams of D10 flower, so there’s plenty to go around. This will annihilate your worry and reduce your overwhelm to dust with just a snap of your fingers (on a lighter) and a nice long puff. Because this strain is a powerful Indica, it may cause your legs to turn to jelly. We recommend that you settle in for a few hours.



About iDELTA8

iDelta8 has given us a more intuitive way to experience the effects of this fascinating psychoactive but legal compound with a range of formulas intended to deliver the properties that we are seeking out in a bioavailable, clean, and easy-to-dose manner. They offer a stellar line of vaping products containing pure hemp extracts without any cheap cutting agents, flavoring ingredients, or fillers. The delta 8 is tested by a third-party lab and extracted using the most cutting-edge method that yield a stable, pure, and highly effective product for maximum results.

iDelta8 has developed three unique formulas so that users can have an easier time getting a feel for its distinctive properties.

  • Silver: Tailored for beginners, containing a 2:1 CBD to delta-8 THC ratio, with cannabidiol’s effects offering balance to the stronger properties of the THC cannabinoid.
  • Gold: Offers a 1:1 ratio for a more balanced experience, ideal for experienced users who want a little bit of cannabidiol along with their delta-8.
  • Diamond: Contains pure delta-8 extract, for those who are ready to take a deep dive into its psychoactive capabilities.

Anyone for the most part who might be on the fence about giving delta 8 THC a try, these vapes are the perfect starting point, as you can control the effects easily while knowing exactly what to expect from each formula.

iDELTA – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g (Choose Strain)

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Choose Strain

Meteor Mango (Sativa), Moon Cookies (Hybrid), Purple Alien OG (Indica), 3-Pack (1 of Each Strain)

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iDELTA – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g (Choose Strain)
iDELTA – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g (Choose Strain)
From: $14.99