Modus VVS Blend Disposable Vape 3000mg


Embark on a premium journey with MODUS VVS Blend, the apex of hemp innovation. This blend infuses top-tier THC-A Liquid Diamonds, Delta 6, Delta 8, and CDT for unmatched quality and effects. Elevating the legacy of Modus’s renowned series, the VVS Blend offers an exceptional experience from the first use, setting a new standard in hemp excellence.

VVS Blend Disposable Vape 3G Strains

  • Green Goblin (Sativa)
  • Love Potion (Sativa)
  • Tigers Blood (Hybrid)
  • Pink Champagne (Indica)
  • Black Diamond (Indica)
  • Purple Zoap (Hybrid)
  • White Truffle Zelato (Sativa)

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Lab Tested
Made in USA
500,000 Customers
12,000 Reviews
Solvent Free

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