iDELT∆ Premium Delta 8 Gummies 150mg (5CT Party Pack)


The 50mg gummies we offer are far more potent than the standard Earth candies. Eat them slowly while savouring the deliciousness of SUN DROPS, SPACE BERRIES, & STAR BERRIES that have been imported from our planet. Store these tempting goodies away from the little earthlings in a cool, dry area; otherwise, they might believe that they are for them. They most definitely are not.

With unparalleled potency, iDELTA8 is coming to test your delicate earthly sensibilities and take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Respect these extraordinarily potent cannabis salvos, but most importantly, have fun.

Each tube has 5ct of each of the three flavors in this bundle.

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Lab Tested
Made in USA
500,000 Customers
12,000 Reviews
Solvent Free

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