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What are THCp Gummies?

It has been discovered that there is more to hemp than the cannabinoid that most people are familiar with– Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is characterized as the most potent naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp utilized to make various products.

Most people associate intense psychoactive results with Delta-9 and it is utilized for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Besides Delta-9 THC, there are several other cannabinoids like major non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabinol (CBD) and recently popularized minor cannabinoid Delta-8 THC, which has been gaining popularity due to having similar results as Delta-9. But there are even more cannabinoids ways to consume hemp that we are constantly discovering. And since Delta-9, also referred to as simply THC, isn’t federally legal in all 50 states quite yet, alternative forms of hemp are definitely in the spotlight right now. One popular analog of Delta-9 THC that you probably haven’t heard of is tetrahydrocannabiphorol, also called THC-P.

The Italian Military Chemical Institute sent researchers a sample of natural hemp, FM2, which they analyzed using advanced mass-spectrometry and liquid chromatography technology. The methods of analysis chosen gave the researchers the ability to get a close look at the plant matter and during that time, THCP was discovered. Chemically, THCP shares identical structures with THC, but it differs slightly.

Alkyl side chains are found on all naturally occurring cannabinoids. Carbon atoms make up alkyl side chains. These are present in major cannabinoids like THC and CBD. THCP includes alkyl side chains too. In fact, the naturally occurring THCP discovered by the research team was tested on human receptors and found to be about thirty times more resultive at binding with CB1 receptors. This immediately makes many begin to question what advantages THCP offers and whether it is yet another cannabinoid to check off their must-try list.

Since THC-P is said to bind to the receptors in the body thirty times better than THC, the level of psychoactive intensity is much higher with THC-P. In other words, THC-P is a potent cannabinoid that produces a potent high. THC-P is still relatively new, despite there being various THC-P products at select shops.

There’s not much research on the long term results of THC-P and there’s no real verdict on any side results or advantages that come with using the cannabinoid either.

Since entering the hemp spotlight, there have been many products containing THC-P circling throughout the market. One of the best products is THC-P gummies. Gummies are chewy candies infused with THCp and other flavoring ingredients. Each gummy is infused with a specified amount of THC-P and some of them may even contain a secondary hemp-based ingredient like Delta-8 or THC-O.

There’s always something new and exciting to try in the world of hemp, and here, we are giving you the details on THCp and where to buy the best THCp gummies online.

What makes THCp Gummies the best choice for you?

THCp gummies are one of the newer products in the market many people would enjoy., but how do you know if THCp gummies are for you? Here are some reasons why you should buy THCp gummies.

THCp gummies are an alternative to other products

THCp gummies are an excellent alternative to smoking or vaping for those seeking other ways to enjoy THCp. These chewy candies can simply be popped into your mouth and you don’t have to worry about using products that may contain certain ingredients that are not suitable for long term intake.

THCp gummies are simple

THCp gummies are premeasured so there’s no need to worry about measuring out THCP. However, it is best to follow the usage instructions and ensure that you only take the necessary amount of gummies

THCp gummies are discreet

Some methods of hemp usage are easily noticeable when practiced in public spaces. THCp Gummies are more discrete which allows you enjoy them without gaining unwanted attention or causing disturbances.

THCp gummies are potent

THCp gummies are one of the most potent products out there. If you enjoy hemp and other traditional hemp products, then you might enjoy THCp gummies.

THCp gummies are rare

THCp is one of the newer cannabinoids so THCp gummies are a rare product right now. You won’t find these gummies in many places so you can consider them somewhat exclusive. THCp gummies offer a new and exciting hemp experience for hemp heads. Why not be among the first to try them?

What makes PureCBDNow the best place to purchase THCp Gummies?

There’s no better place to buy your THCp gummies than PureCBDNow. PureCBDNow is a leading online CBD retailer based in Arizona that has been making top quality hemp-based products more accessible for over 5 years. From CBD to Delta-8 and everything in between, PureCBDNow offers a variety of products that will suit anyone’s needs. What makes their products so special is that they not only choose the best brands and products to feature in their selection, but all of their products are also lab tested and manufactured to high standards to ensure the best experience for everyone.

The THCp gummies at PureCBDNow are the best you will find online. PureCBDNow offers a variety of THCp gummies in different flavors so there’s something available no matter your preferences. Whether you are new to hemp or if you have been using hemp-based products for years, PureCBDNow is the best place to purchase your THCp edibles online.

Best THCp Gummies Products:

Now let’s talk about where to find THCp gummies for sale. With THCp being one of the latest cannabinoids to enter the hemp arena, you want to make sure you are getting only top quality products. Jolly Green Oil CBD is a CBD manufacturing balancing flavor and quality like the best of them. This brand relies on quality hemp to source their CBD and their products are designed to give you the best possible experience, no matter which cannabinoid-based product you choose. JGO has three must-try THCp edible products and you can buy each one online at PureCBDNow.

JGO THCp Gummy Watermelon Bomb

PureCBDNow carries the Jolly Green Oil Watermelon Bomb THCp gummies for sale. These THCp edibles contain 25mg per gummy and you get 30 per container, which is a total of 750mg. These delicious edibles are a good way to reap the advantages of the newest cannabinoid THCp.

JGO Permatrip Gummy Squares

These Jolly Green Oil Permatrip gummy squares infused with THCp are a must-have for those curious about this newer, potent cannabinoid. These THCp edibles are extra strength, made with a hemp blend of Delta-8, THC-O and THCp. Each pack includes 30 gummies with a total of 1500mg included. That’s 50mg of THCp per gummy square! These THCp edibles are bursting with watermelon flavor, made with Corn Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, and Tri-Sodium Citrate. These THCp gummies by Jolly Green Oil are available for an unbeatable price at PureCBDNow!

JGO Orange Creamsicle THC-P Gummy

Jolly Green Oil strikes again with their Orange Creamsicle THCp gummies. This mouthwatering package of gummies includes a total of 750mg THCp, dispersed between 30 gummies total with 25mg THCp per gummy. If you want to try THCp gummies that contain a little less THCp but are still potent and delicious, these Jolly Green Oil gummies can be found at PureCBDNow.

Nothing beats affordable THCp gummies that are lab tested and able to be shipped to your door. If you want to buy THCp gummies and not have to question quality, visit PureCBDNow to give each of these THCp products a try and determine if THCp products are the new hemp craze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal status of THCp gummies?

THCp gummies are federally legal. THCp gummies can be legally purchased in most states. Some states have local shops where these THCp edibles can be purchased and they can also be purchased legally online.

How safe are THCp gummies?

THC-p gummies can be safe when made with clean ingredients and consumed properly and responsibly. When using THCp gummies always consume the recommended amount and avoid using these gummies if you are operating heavy machinery, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

What are the best ways to take THCp Gummies?

THCp gummies can be consumed recreationally like many other hemp products. These gummies can be taken at different times of day depending on your personal preference. hemp gummies are often enjoyed depending on the strain and amount of hemp included.

Do THCp Gummies make you feel good?

THCp is a psychotropic compound, so THCp gummies will produce psychoactive results. This is often referred to as a high, and some people find it enjoyable. THC-p gummies are not guaranteed to make you feel good, though, as THCp can affect everyone in different ways. Generally speaking, THCp gummies can give you an enjoyable high.

What is the average time that THCp stays in your system?

THC-p gummies typically remain in the body for 3-6 hours. Some factors in how long they remain in the body include how much THCp is included per gummy and how many gummies are taken.

Can THCp Gummies make you high?

THCp gummies can make you high. These THCp edibles contain THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for producing said results.

Do THCp Gummies kick in immediately?

THCp gummies have a stronger bind to the receptors than most hemp based products so they may take result rather quickly because of it. The time it takes for these THCp edibles to kick in will vary from person to person simply based on how the individual responds to THCp and how much THCp is included.

How long does the high last from THCp gummies?

Once THCp gummies take result, you can expect a lengthy high with these THCp edibles. This may last anywhere between 3 to 8 hours depending on the strength of the edibles and how many are taken.

How many THCp Gummies should I take each day?

It is advised to take only the recommended amount of THC-p gummies. In fact, when trying THC p gummies for the first time it’s a better idea to take less than the recommended amount. This gives your body an opportunity to proceed with a smaller amount of the product and give you a chance to determine if the results of THCp are desirable. This can simply be done by cutting a gummy in half or taking one gummy if the recommended amount is two gummies.

How often should THCp Gummies be taken?

You should only take the recommended amount of THC-p gummies specified on the package. Never exceed the recommended amount especially if you have never tried THCp before. THCp gummies should be taken as often as desired within reason according to the usage instructions. If you take a THCp gummy and do not feel immediate results, wait a while before considering another gummy.


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