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When it comes to cannabinoids, CBN is the new kid on the block. So if you are looking for a different experience from standard CBD products or if CBD is not targeting what you have hoped, CBN is a good choice. We offer strengths as little as 500 mg at 65% or as high as 1000mg at 65%.

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Another Unique Cannabinoid to Be Vaping

As you may have guessed from its name, CBN is quite similar to CBD in many ways. However, its differences are significant enough to make this compound worth exploring all on its own. And, by experiencing it in the form of a vape, you’ll be able to feel it in a uniquely potent and fast-acting way.

What is CBN?

When we talk about the fascinating effects and properties of the hemp plant, we tend to zero in CBD, which is understandable. CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is the dominant compound in hemp’s chemical composition. What this means is that there is more CBD than any other compound in the plant material. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other compounds in the plant that can help you meet your wellness goals in their own ways.

CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that this compound binds with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body to trigger regulatory actions that help our bodily systems function more efficiently. This unique process is why CBD shows promising effects on everything from mood to pain levels. In fact, all cannabinoids in the hemp plant bind with cannabinoid receptors in different ways.

CBN is another cannabinoid, and it occurs far less abundantly than CBD. It’s short for cannabinol, and more hemp users are finding that this compound is taking their hemp routine to new heights. It’s commonly used by those who are dealing with stress, anxiety, poor sleep and pain.

CBN Plus CBD: Synergy in Action

One of the many exciting things about cannabinoids is that they work synergistically. This means that when you take multiple cannabinoids together, they essentially boost each other’s effects, which may result in a more potent and well-rounded experience overall. This is why you’ll find vapes that combine CBD with CBN. Together, these two compounds can offer more than their separate parts.

Why Vaping CBN Offers Unique Effects

Many people prefer vaping cannabinoids like CBN and CBD because of the special nature of this delivery method. When we inhale cannabinoids into the lungs, the effects take place much faster than they do with other delivery methods, and the effects tend to be felt more potently as well. This has to do with the absorption rate of the compounds through the lung tissue. This means that carrying around a CBN vape allows you to get a nice, on-demand boost of cannabinol as you desire throughout the day.

Throwing Terpenes into the Mix

CBN is wonderful all on its own, but when you add terpenes, you supply your body with a vast array of hemp compounds that work together synergistically to support your system with that which mother nature has provided. Terpenes are compounds that occur in every plant, providing the flavor, aroma and even color. But, they also boast fascinating properties that can lead to desirable effects in the body.

How to Vape CBN

Vaping CBN is very easy thanks to the convenience and user-friendliness of the CBN vaping products that we offer. We offer both CBN vape starter kits and pre-filled cartridges. If you don’t already have a battery device intended for hemp vaping, then the starter kit is the way to go, as this gives you the entire setup required to experience a vaping routine. The battery device operates at an output level that will support the process of the cannabinoid absorbing into the body, without burning or degrading it in a way that decreases its potency.

If you already have a battery device, then you can simply grab the pre-filled CBN cartridges and replace them as needed.

Choose Your Desired Milligram Strength and Strain

You’ll find that these CBN vapes come in a various milligram strengths and strains. The milligram strength reflects the potency level of the e-liquid inside the cartridge. The strain is determined by the terpene profile, which means that each strain can offer slightly different effects. Therefore, the options that you have allow you to customize your CBN vaping experience according to your precise needs.

Common FAQs

  • What is CBN?

    The hemp plant is naturally rich in an abundance of compounds, including a variety of what are known as cannabinoids. CBD is the leading cannabinoid in hemp, but CBN is another cannabinoid that’s highly abundant in the plant. Known to help with sleep issues.

  • How is CBN Different From CBD?

    CBD has been researched far more than CBN, but what we do know is that CBN has its own unique properties that appeal to a wide variety of hemp enthusiasts. Both cannabinoids work with the endocannabinoid system in the body.

  • CBN, like all products derived from hemp, is totally legal.

  • How is CBN Produced?

    CBN is carefully extracted from the hemp plant material using an extraction process.

  • Which CBN Milligram Strength and Dosage Level Are Best for Me?

    How much CBN you should take, both in terms of dosage and milligram strength, are largely dependent on your unique body as well as your needs. You’ll likely want to experiment with different amounts before deciding what’s best for you.

  • What is CBN Typically Used For?

    Most of our customers who use CBN struggle with stress and sleep issues.

  • Why is CBN So Expensive?

    CBN is more expensive than CBD because CBN is not as abundant in hemp as CBD. Therefore, more plant material is required to produce a single milliliter of CBN extract compared to CBD extract.

  • Will CBN Make Me Sleepy?

    Taking a large amount of CBN may make you feel drowsy.

  • Can I Use CBD and CBN Together?

    There’s no reason why you can’t use both CBD and CBN, as they are both plant compounds native to the hemp plant and taken together in nature.

  • How Long Does CBN Take Before I Can Feel It?

    Vaping CBN can allow the cannabinoid to become activated within as little as ten minutes.


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