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A CBD vape kit is the easiest way to start vaping. Just choose your mg, flavors, strength, and cartridges and enjoy your vape experience after your kit arrives. Vape kits are perfect for newbies or for those who want to save money and time by getting everything you need in one discreet package.

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CBD Vape Kits, Pens and Cartridges

Starting a CBD routine doesn’t need to be complicated. Our selection of CBD starter kits and pre-filled cartridges makes it easy for you to start experiencing the full potential of hemp in a convenient way. Both hemp newbies and highly experienced cannabis enthusiasts find that CBD vape pens are the perfect addition to their  routines, as vaping cannabidiol and other compounds offers specific advantages over other delivery methods.

When we inhale CBD into the lungs, we experience an incredibly fast absorption rate, which means that the effects of hemp occur within minutes, while being felt more potently. This allows for a more “on-demand” approach to taking CBD, which is why so many people like to travel with their vape pens. Whenever they need a quick hemp fix, they can simply take a couple puffs of vapor and experience peak levels in the body in no time.

What is a CBD Starter Kit?

CBD starter kits are the way to go if you’re completely new to CBD vaping. These starter kits provide you with everything that you need in order to start vaping hemp. They consist of a pre-filled cartridge containing CBD vape oil, a battery device, and a charger.

CBD Cartridges

Once the cartridge that comes with the kit runs out of CBD vape oil, you don’t need to buy a whole new starter kit. Instead, you can just replace the old cartridge with a new one.

How to Use CBD Cartridges and Starter Kits

When you receive your first starter kit, you’ll need to charge the battery fully before you begin using it. From there, you can simply screw the cartridge onto the device, and press the button 5 times fast to turn on. Once it blinks, you can hold down button and inhale. It’s that simple. We do offer some more advanced battery devices, like ones that feature preheating technology, but they’re still very easy to operate.

Choose Your Preferred Potency Level

CBD cartridges also come in an impressive range of milligram strengths. The milligram strength refers to the number of milligrams of hemp extract in the cartridge, compared to other ingredients. Therefore, the higher the milligram strength is, the more potent each puff will be.

CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Options

  • CBD isolate is a pure CBD extract which contains nothing but cannabidiol.
  • Broad spectrum boasts every compound in hemp except for THC.
  • Full spectrum gives you every cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid that naturally occurs in hemp for a more well-rounded experience. This one may have up to .3% THC.

Common FAQs

  • Does CBD Vape Oil Contain Nicotine

    CBD vape oils are nicotine-free. While the level of enjoyment experienced is probably something worth repeating, the act of vaping CBD is not chemically addictive.

  • Does CBD Vape Oil Go Bad?

    Time comes for us all. Keep CBD vape oils stored in a cool, dark place to maximize a shelf-life of anywhere from six months to a few years. If the flavor and potency isn’t quite hitting, it’s probably time to go shopping.

  • Thank Congress and the 2018 Farm Bill, which deregulated industrial hemp as a controlled substance. On the federal level, hemp-derived CBD products are legal, whereas the state level is worth monitoring as a few select states have pushed back.

  • How Much CBD Should I take?

    Everyone’s body responds differently, and finding an ideal dosage amount is part of the CBD vaping journey. Start small and increase gradually until the comfort zone hits.

  • Do Vape Oils Have THC?

    CBD Vape Oils do not have recognizable traces of THC. By law, CBD products must be derived from industrial hemp, which is not psychoactive. THC is extracted from the cannabis plant. Similar, yet worlds apart.

  • Can CBD Vape Oil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

    Rest assured – CBD is undefeated when it comes to drug tests. Simply put, these tests aren’t looking for CBD isolate… they’re looking for its psychoactive stoney cousin THC, which is extracted from the cannabis plant (not industrial hemp).

  • Do CBD Vape Oils Smell Like Cigarettes?

    No need to air the laundry or crack a window, as CBD vapor quickly vanishes into thin air. No smoke, no linger, just the quick taste and exhale of the selected vape flavor.

  • What Should You Look For in A CBD Vape Oil?

    Keep the experience dialed by choosing a premium brand. Always hone in on third-party lab-tested products that come backed by real testimonials and reviews. We’re fortunate in that the CBD community is passionate, vocal, and supportive of CBD products that work.

  • Do CBD Vape Kits Come With Everything You Need?

    Yes, a CBD Vape Kit comes with everything you need. It will include a battery, cartridge and USB adapter to charge your battery.

  • Can I Use a Cartridge With My Battery?

    It depends. Any of our pre-filled cartridges will work with any 510 variable voltage battery.

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