URB Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge 2.2 Grams

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URB elevates hemp sophistication with the URB Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge, blending delta 8 THC, THC-A, and THC-H in a 2.2g cartridge. Utilizing advanced extraction, it captures the plant’s natural essence, offering a rich taste and potent entourage effect. Available in six strains, it’s quality-tested for a superior experience.

URB Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge Strains

  • Juicy Fruit (Hybrid)
  • Lime Sherbert Punch (Sativa)
  • Purple Urkle (Indica)
  • Slurricane (Indica)
  • Strawberry Gusher (Sativa)
  • Tangie Banana (Sativa)

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