How Do Vape Pens Work?

The CBD industry has grown massively over the last decade. And, if there is one thing that has become noticeably clear, it’s that vaping CBD isn’t going anywhere. Many hemp enthusiasts prefer vaping as their delivery method of choice. It is no wonder either, considering the unique qualities of this specific delivery method.

To vape CBD, you need two basic items: CBD e-liquid and a vape pen. The vape pen is the hardware that allows that e-liquid to turn into smooth vapor that’s inhaled easily into the lungs. But there are many different types of CBD vape pens on the market today. Needless to say, this can intimidate someone who is new to this delivery method or hemp in general.

However, by the end of this article, you should have a good idea of what type of system you’re looking for.

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So, what is it about vaping the compounds of the hemp plant that makes it stand out as a preferable delivery method? Well, inhaling CBD is one of the most bioavailable means for experiencing its effects. When we inhale cannabinoids into our lungs, they take effect very quickly—usually within minutes—and offer stronger-than-average effects compared to other methods like tinctures and edibles. The effects are rather short-lived by comparison. But, since vaping products are portable, a vaper can simply vape more if desired once the effects wear off.

Besides that, vaping CBD is uniquely enjoyable and user-friendly. Rather than having to carefully dose out each portion, the user simply decides to keep hitting the device until they are satisfied. And, CBD vape pens can be taken virtually anywhere, while being extremely portable, not to mention fairly discreet.

Different Kinds of CBD Vape Pens

The world of vaping has come a long way since CBD first hit the scene. Meaning that today, we have more of a variety of CBD vape pens to choose from than ever before. Here are the options you have when shopping for this type of technology.

#1: Disposable CBD Vape Pens

These are the most user-friendly choice out of all of the different types of pen-styles on the market.  They’re designed for people with no vaping experience, or those who want a quick and easy way to inhale hemp without any fuss.  They consist of a pen with a pre-charged, built-in battery, with an attached vape cartridge containing e-liquid.  The pen can be used straight out of the box, with no settings to adjust or pieces to assemble.  The battery never needs to be charged, as it’s made to last until the e-liquid runs out, after which the entire setup is replaced.

Using a disposable vape pen requires zero maintenance. Simply pull on the mouthpiece to take in each hit. They come in various strengths and flavors. Plus, can be a good option for those who don’t want to have to do anything to experience a quality vape. They may not be right for people who are more particular about different output settings and desire the ability to adjust as needed.

#2: Rechargeable CBD Vape Pens

Are also user-friendly but require just a bit more effort to operate consistently. These are small, pocket-friendly vape pens with a built-in battery that is recharged via a USB port. They do not reach very high output levels, but simply don’t need to. Why? Because they are designed to be used with CBD vape carts that are best vaped at low voltages. Rechargeable CBD vape pens often come with some sort of variable voltage option, usually in the form of a couple of presets that are selected using an LED color light system. They’re usually used with vape cartridges that contain CBD e-liquid and are disposable and replaceable, but they can also be used with refillable cartridges made specially for this type of device.

#3: Advanced CBD Vape Pens

There are more advanced CBD vape pens on the market that are geared toward those who have more experience vaping or even for those who want to be able to make various adjustments to their vaping experience. These types of vape pens usually come with a refillable cartridge or tank, into which the CBD e-liquid is poured regularly. These pens tend to use more powerful batteries, which allows for a wider variety of output settings. Also, the output can be adjusted in a more precise way, according to the specific voltage, wattage, or even temperature levels. This all depends on the nature of the device.

These systems do require more work and maintenance to enjoy for a long period of time. They may use a USB-style charging system or may use replaceable, rechargeable batteries. Like before, this is dependent on the model.

#4: CBD Vape Pens for Flower

If you’re going to vape “flower,” which is the raw buds of the hemp plant, then you will need a special type of vape pen made for flower specifically. That’s because flowers are a dry product. Hence, its needs are different from those of CBD e-liquid. A flower pen has a chamber where the buds go. Either conduction or convection heats the product to make vapor, which comes out of the chamber. CBD flower pens typically use more powerful batteries due to the more demanding nature of this type of heating system.

#5: CBD Dab Pens

If you are interested in vaping a concentrate like wax, oil concentrate or shatter, a CBD dab pen is the way to go.  A dab pen is made just for concentrates, as it can properly heat the product so that it vaporizes efficiently without burning.  Concentrates have unique consistencies that can easily be damaged if the wrong type of vaping system is used.  Like flower pens, dab pens have a chamber into which the concentrate is placed, rather than a tank or cartridge.

The Importance of Compatibility

Which of the types of vape pens from the list above you choose is absolutely up to you. But keep in mind that you need to make sure that the pen you select is compatible with the type of CBD product. For instance, trying to vape CBD flower in a pen made for e-liquids will damage the buds, and trying to pour standard CBD e-liquid into a dab pen can cause the liquid to burn.

One thing worth pointing out is that there are CBD pens out there that are made for more than one type of product.  For example, there are pens that can handle both flower and concentrates by switching out a couple of components that are part of the device. 

Get the Most Worth Out of that Vape Pen

There are many unique types of ways to vape the compounds in the hemp plant, and so it is not surprising that a variety of CBD vape pens exist on the market. Choosing the right one for you depends on your experience with CBD and vaping, as well as the type of hemp product you would like to vaporize. Make sure that no matter what you select, you go for a reliable product from a trustworthy hardware brand.

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