How to Charge a JUUL

Updated September 6th, 2020

Are you a fan of the JUUL system?  More vapers are finding that this widely popular system provides them with everything that they desire out of a vaping experience.  It provides them with salt-based nicotine, delicious flavor and an incredibly user-friendly setup.  Further, JUUL is remarkably portable, being small enough to fit into a pocket, which adds to its universal appeal greatly.

Of course, if you’re going to make the JUUL your vaping system of choice, you have to know how to take care of it and operate it for the best results.  One of the key components to maintaining a functional JUUL setup is knowing how and when to charge it.

The JUUL contains a 200mAh battery that’s built into the device.  For most people, this battery will need to be charged at least once a day. 

Let’s now dive into the process of charging it.

How to Tell When Your JUUL Needs to Be Recharged

First, let’s talk about when your JUUL needs to be recharged.  On the front of the chassis, you’ll notice a single LED light.  This light is known as a battery indicator, meaning that its job is to let you know the status of your battery.  This light will show one of three colors: green, yellow or red.  As the battery loses its charge, it will gradually turn from green to red, with green representing a full charge and red representing a dying battery.  If the color is red and blinking, this means that the battery is completely dead, and will no longer power your device at all.

There are other signs of a battery that needs to be recharged.  Mainly, you will notice that your vaping device is simply not producing a lot of vapor.  Be aware, however, that if this occurs despite a fully charged battery, it’s likely that there’s another problem, such as your pod cartridge needing to be replaced.

Lastly, know that when you first purchase your JUUL device, the battery will need to be charged.

Charging a JUUL: A Guide

Now, let’s talk about how to properly charge a JUUL

Tools: Charging attachment
Supplies: JUUL device

What You’ll Need to Do and Take Notice Of

Total Time: 45 minutes

Charging Attachment

First, you’ll notice that your JUUL device comes with a charging attachment. This attachment needs to be connected to a USB in order to work.

Plug It In

Plug your JUUL charger, attached to a USB, into a wall. Now, when your JUUL device needs to be recharged based on the criteria above, simply attach the JUUL’s base to the charger. A magnetic connection will secure the connection. Right away, the LED light indicator on the JUUL should begin blinking white. This means that it’s in the process of charging.

Full Charge

When the JUUL has reached a full charge, it will no longer blink white, but stay green. This means that you can now remove the JUUL from the charger and use it once again.

Potential Issues to Keep In Mind

Sometimes, you may run into an issue where your JUUL simply isn’t charging despite being attached to the charger. The most common cause of this is a dirty connection. This dirty connection can be on your charger or on the device itself. Take a cotton swab and gently clean both connections and try again.

Charging Your JUUL System Right

Simply put, if you don’t know when and how to charge your JUUL vaping system, you’re going to end up with a lot of disappointing vaping sessions.  The good news is that the makers of JUUL have made it quite easy to charge this device, and to know when it’s time to attach it to your charger.  Follow this guide to ensure that you’re charging it properly for more satisfying vapes.

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