Where to Buy THC-V Hemp Flower Near Me

Did you know that one of the best ways to experience the properties of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is through THC-V flower?  It combines the high bioavailability of raw, naturally full spectrum CBD flower with the distinctive effects associated with THC-V itself.  THC-V flower is a product type that more hemp enthusiasts are seeking out than ever before, and with growing demand comes a wider availability, with lots of retailers now looking to secure this product type to provide it to their customers.

But, the thing about THC-V flower is that its quality can vary greatly based on all kinds of influences.  And, the only real way to know that you’re getting the best option available is to find a trusted retailer.  Not just any though, but one which has a reputation for delivering only top-shelf quality and lab-tested hemp.

What is THC-V Hemp Flower?

THC-V hemp flower is the result of infusing raw hemp flower (CBD flower) with a pure Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin distillate.  This means that the product is full spectrum in that it contains every chemical compound found in the hemp plant, with the addition of a concentrated serving of tetrahydrocannabivarin so that users can experience the full potential of its effects.

THC-V flower can be smoked or vaporized.  Not only that but some people even use it to make DIY edibles.  Also comes in a great variety of strain options to be bought in either loose buds or pre-roll forms.

Where You Can Buy THC-V Hemp Flower

THC-V hemp flower isn’t the most common type of THC-V product.  Still, it’s growing in popularity and could essentially make its way into different types of retail locations.  But, as you may have guessed, some types of retailers are more reliable than others.

#1: Convenience Stores

It is never wise to buy flower or any hemp product from a convenience store.  This is a type of retailer that does not prioritize quality in general, and they care more about selling products cheaply and quickly.  THC-V flower sold in a convenience store is more likely to be lacking in freshness, made with additives and generally ineffective due to poorly produced Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin distillate.

#2: Vape Shops

A vape store may carry THC-V flower, but if they do, you still need to first look up the brand being sold.  Why?  To make sure that they’re known for their reputable products.  Vape shops don’t specialize strictly in hemp, but instead, in non-hemp vaping goods.  So, their quality standards can vary depending on the priorities of the business owner.

#3: Online Distributors

An online distributor is a fantastic choice, due to these types of businesses only selling hemp-based products through their website, and also carrying a number of brands that all produce hemp products.

  • Online distributors will offer the widest selection of THC-V hemp flower products because they are carrying products from several brands.  This means you can choose from more strains to really zero in on exactly what you want.
  • Online distributors only sell hemp, and because of that, they must maintain very high quality standards at all times.  Otherwise, they won’t survive since they have no other source of revenue.
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#4: THC-V Brands

Another option is buying your THC-V hemp flower straight from a manufacturer by visiting their website.  This ensures authenticity, and also gives you the chance to explore the brand and learn all about how they produce their products.

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Buying Your THC-V Hemp Flower Online: Why It’s the Better Option

Overall, you’re going to have a better time buying your THC-V flower from an online company rather than in person.  Local stores are hard to trust because low local demand, combined with a lack of specializing in hemp itself, can lead to very low quality standards.  At the same time, online companies can offer the following.

  • Great Prices: Online companies are going to offer the best prices because they don’t have to deal with the hefty overhead costs associated with running a physical store.
  • High Quality Standards: Online stores are going to maintains stricter quality standards.  How come?  Because they have no other source of revenue to rely on.  If their hemp isn’t exceptional, they’ll go out of business.  Primarily, in such a highly competitive market.
  • Deals and Bundles: Online companies offer lots of deals and special offers regularly, along with bundle purchase options that give you a high volume of tetrahydrocannabivarin at a discounted price per unit.
  • Great Selection: Online retailers will give you the largest selection of THC-V flower, meaning that you can look at all kinds of strains, product forms and more.

What to Look for in THC-V Hemp Flower Products

When shopping for THC-V hemp flower, there are certain facets to always pay attention to before actually making the purchase.  This way, you will always be fully confident that you’ve an all-around amazing product.

  1. Third-Party Lab Reports: All tetrahydrocannabivarin should be rigorously tested by a state-authorized third-party laboratory, to ensure that the product is pure, adequately potent and authentic.  The lab reports should be easy to find on a company’s website.
  2. Zero Added Ingredients: THC-V flower should contain its distillate, some terpene strain, and raw hemp flower – that’s all.  Avoid buying a flower product that contains preservatives, flavoring, or other unnecessary ingredients that fail to contribute to its actual value.
  3. Freshness: Flower-based products have the shortest shelf life of all hemp products – about 6 months.  This means that after that time has passed, the compounds degrade and lose their potency, not to mention their flavor.  Look for a popular online company that is more likely to have a high product turnover rate to ensure consistent freshness.
  4. A Reputable Brand Name: Only buy THC-V hemp flower from a brand with a good reputation.  Look at their website and read their reviews to make sure that other customers are happy with their products.
  5. Federal Compliance: THC-V flower must be federally compliant.  This means that it can only contain hemp, and zero marijuana derivatives.  It also means that the product may not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.
What to Look for in THC-V Hemp Flower Products

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THC-V hemp flower could very well be the best way to experience this cannabinoid based on what type of experience you’re looking to have, but that doesn’t mean that you should purchase the first THC-V flower that you find.  For THC-V flower to be as satisfying as possible, it needs to be fresh, free of additives and infused properly at the right bioavailability level. 

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