8 Creative Ways to Enjoy Federally Compliant Delta-9 THC

Even though federally compliant delta-9 THC may be new to the market, we pretty much know, people have been using the cannabinoid for thousands of years to achieve all kinds of things, including a boost in creativity.  Delta 9 can be the ultimate muse when you’re looking to engage in some creative expression. So, if you need some help maximizing its valuable potential, allow us to offer some ideas.

What is the Actual Driving Force Behind Creativity?

Creativity is engineered by the brain’s frontal lobe.  It refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to craft something of usefulness. Although this frequently pertains to artistic work, creative thinking, also known as “divergent thinking”, can, believe it or not, be utilized in numerous facets of our lives.

Divergent thinking is a recurrent “scientific measure” of creativity.  The obverse of convergent thinking, which’s quite sequential and positions for reaching a single solution to a problem; divergent thinking utilizes both creativity and imagination to generate multiple answers and options to resolve an issue.  In psychology literature, divergent thinking is overly used as a head-on synonym for creativity.

How to Explore Your Creative Side with the Help of Federally Compliant Delta-9 THC

So, now the fun part begins.  Taking your creative side and giving it that extra jolt if you will, by using federally compliant delta-9 THC products.

Creative Way #1: Tackle an Ambitious Recipe

If you’ve got a few hours to spend, consider devoting an afternoon to making that recipe you’ve been dying to try; if only you had the time and focus to pull it off.  Cooking and baking are wonderful ways to express our creativity. All, while enjoying the instant gratification of enjoying what we’ve made immediately after – made all the tastier by delta 9’s appetite-enhancing properties, of course.  Delta 9 can help you lock into the creative process of making a dish, allowing you to stay focused while generally enjoying every step to the fullest.

Creative Way #2: Bring the Outdoors In

There is just something about THC that makes us want to embrace nature, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors.  Well, maybe it’s time then to bring some of that outdoors in.  Find a beautiful nature preserve, beach, or other outdoor space in your area and bring back some of your findings with which you can decorate your home, whether they be flowers, greenery, seashells, stones, or anything that intrigues your visual curiosity.  Get creative with a way to display what you’ve brought home with you to enjoy mother nature in your very own home.

Creative Way #3: Rearrange Your Space

Creative expression doesn’t have to rely on mastering some sort of technical skill like painting or poetry.  It can be something as simple as rearranging a room in your home, to see your space from a new perspective.  There’s something therapeutic about moving around our furniture and décor, to change the flow of a space that we spend every day in.  Delta 9 can help give you inspiration as to how your room should look, while also making the actual process of moving stuff around more enjoyable.

Creative Way #4: Have a Dance Party for One

Sometimes, nothing feels better than getting our bodies moving – especially when music is involved.  Dance is not only creative, but it’s good for our bodies, and incredibly uplifting to our spirits.  So, the next time you enjoy some delta 9 THC, put on your favorite jams and treat yourself to a dance party for one, allowing your body to move freely without judgment, while allowing the cannabinoid to enhance your ability to appreciate the music.

Creative Way #5: Take on Gardening

Like we said, delta 9 THC is a plant compound that seems to boost our ability to enjoy the outdoors.  If you’ve been meaning to start a gardening project, delta 9 is a great way to help.  Enjoy some delta 9 before visiting a garden center, to allow the cannabinoid’s visually enhancing effects to help you pick out something beautiful with which to decorate your outdoor space.  Delta-9 can also help you enjoy the most mundane tasks of gardening, like digging your hands into the soil, listening in on the sounds of nature, and smelling beautiful flowers.

Creative Way #6: Sign Up for a Class

Maybe it’s time to start a new creative hobby and find a little bit of help in sharpening your newfound skills.  There are plenty of classes that you can take to master a new art, whether it be soap-making, pottery, painting, photography, crocheting – you name it.  A little bit of delta 9 can help you feel more inspired as you attend the class and express yourself with a brand-new talent.

Creative Way #7: Grab Your Camera

Delta 9 can change our perspective and help us find the beauty in the mundane.  So, it’s no surprise that so many people feel inspired to pick up their camera when they’ve consumed it.  You don’t need to be a skilled photographer to take beautiful photos these days, thanks to camera apps on our phone that do a lot of the hard work for us. We can just focus our attention then on taking a picture of something that moves us.  Even better, bring your camera outdoors and capture the sights of nature.

Creative Way #8: Pick Up that Instrument

If you’ve an instrument that has been collecting dust in a corner of your home, maybe a little bit of delta 9 THC will encourage you to spend more time with it.  Many of us have a guitar, piano, or other instrument that we used to play religiously. However, the stresses of daily life have put it on the back burner.  Delta-9 has the unique ability to bring out the musician in all of us. How? By enhancing our ability to enjoy music and feel connected to our own musical side.  You don’t need to be a musical prodigy to find immense pleasure in jamming out while delta 9 works its way through your system.

What are You Waiting For? Get More Creative with Federally Compliant Delta-9 THC Today!

At long last, there’s a federally legal way to enjoy the most sought-after cannabinoid of all-time.  This is big news for creative-minded people who find a lot of inspiration from the high of delta 9 THC.  Keep in mind though, that finding the right dosage level is also essential, since there is a fine line between being creative and having thoughts, and then being too high in the clouds so-to-speak.

At Pure CBD Now, you can find legal, lab-tested delta 9 THC products that are potent enough to give you the inspiring effects you’re looking for. Here are some products that can be ordered online:

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